At SkyCivic, we are energizing the government to be the most accessible and engaging it has ever been through our Automated Chatbot Solutions.

24 / 7 / 365 

Always be open for interaction

Your customer service doesn’t have to stop at 5 pm. Automated conversations don’t take breaks, they don’t sleep and they deliver a consistent and accurate response to every single interaction, all year round. Reduce overwhelming workloads on your employees and streamline processes with easy automation!

SkyCivic in Action


The first “conversational” website in government featuring the Skycivic automated platform. Features include an automated checklist and fee calculator.


Making businesses processes easier for citizens and exploring a new realm of innovation where customer friendly interfaces mean business friendly.


A full team of automated chatbots runs the Montana Motor Vehicle Division’s customer support and online customer engagement.



Whether your business processes need work or are well documented, we will help you optimize your business layer and reflect your answers, your way, in your platform.

  • Technical writers on staff
  • Improve existing documentation
  • Create new, styled documentation
  • Safeguard your institutional knowledge
  • Clear processes for customers
  • Create step-by-step instructions
  • Focus your communication
  • Branch out possible variables

Our code-free conversation builder works like a flowchart in an open environment. We train automated conversational agents to easily branch to multiple scenarios based on your citizen’s needs, delivering consistent and correct information every time.

Not only does Skycivic build automated conversations at lightning speed, but we can also make changes to our text or include an additional process for customers in minutes and deploy immediately!

Our work doesn’t end after the your platform is live. We monitor your interaction rates, completion rates and a myriad of other metrics from your analytics section and offer advice. Need additional builds? No problem! Want to learn how to unleash the platform for yourself? We are here to help!

  • Custom dashboard with configurable settings & powerful features
  • Analytics section for you to always monitor your performance
  • Interaction reports sent to your email or viewed in real-time
  • Conditional logic creates an AI experience that feels seamless
  • Integrate anything with full API connection options
We’ll create your use case
You interact with it, live!

Our Team

Arnav Patel
Director of Marketing

A master of content and platform development, Arnav creates engaging copy that is easy to understand and resonates with your citizens .

Levi Worts
 Director of Customer Solutions

Over 7+ years of experience in government, Levi pioneered the SkyCivic platform in government bring Citizen Experience (CX) to the forefront.

Vinit Agrawal
Director of Development

The lead developer for the SkyCivic platform. Vinit is stands ready to make any custom development and integrations your organization needs.

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