How Chatbots can Increase Participation in Community Initiatives


Libraries are the conduit to the community for many city governments. Engaging citizens with community initiatives always seems to revolve around the library as the distribution point. Flyers and announcements liter boards at the entryway. Computers offer city websites in a fleeting moment to capture a users attention before they scroll into the infinite web. In total, these methods are missing a huge section of residents and it’s all because of one thing:

Promoting community initiatives is a communication problem.

But here is the thing: citizens want to participate! They only lack an intuitive and engaging interface to connect them to ways they can help in their community.

City websites seem to hold initiatives as a low priority in the hierarchy of information. In many cases, initiatives are incredibly difficult for citizens to even locate. Often buried in the website search results, you can find initiatives in mobily inaccessible PDFs or on boring, static webpages.

Let’s be honest…

It's hard to take citizens from interest to participation.

But what if you citizens could engage in a chat conversation from any page on your website? What if they could take a simple quiz that matches their interests with available initiatives around their city?

Check out this 12 minute demonstration to see it in action for yourself 👇

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Okay, so how does it work?

  • In the first stage, the chatbot collects the citizen preferences and interests through a quiz, and then suggest community initiatives based on those factors. This will ensure that citizens are matched with initiatives that offer them the most value, resulting in higher satisfaction rates. 


  • In the second stage of interaction, the chatbot fosters interest in the chosen initiative by explaining the benefits and requirements of participation. This increases overall follow-through from interest to involvement by reducing friction in the onboarding process.


  • In the third stage of interaction, the chatbot helps citizens stay engaged in the initiative by troubleshooting queries, providing timely reminders and if applicable real-time updates on the initiative’s progress. This will foster more meaningful participation in the initiative, resulting in a more rewarding citizen experience.


  • At the fourth stage, the chatbot elicits citizen input about their experience through web notifications and feedback funnels, which will help measure the effectiveness of the initiative and make improvements in the future.

With SkyCivic’s Community Initiative Chatbot, you can use an interactive automated conversation to increase constituent participation in their local community and government right from their phone or desktop. 

Want to start the conversation with your constituents?